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Robert is committed to civic engagement.  He meets daily with residents and business owners to listen to their concerns, to forge partnerships, and to share his vision for Fairfield. Robert also attends several community events each week to ensure he maintains contemporary knowledge about issues that impact Fairfield.  From his law enforcement career, he has practical experience with engaging residents on issues that effect them daily and in finding solutions. Robert is a voice for our community and is actively involved at all levels. He has served as a youth mentor since 1999 when he introduced the "Top the Cops" program to the Fairfield Police Department. He worked extensively in the program to combat illegal street racing and to teach positive life skills to teenagers.  Following his retirement in December 2015, he was named head coach for the Armijo High School swim team and boys’ water polo team, encouraging youth as part of his belief that he can make a difference.


Robert will listen respectfully and will represent the best interests of residents and business owners to effect positive change for Fairfield. The community’s concerns are his concerns.  As a Councilmember, he will work for citizens and, if he doesn't have an answer to a question, he will work toward a collaborative solution. Robert’s community knowledge and breadth of experience demonstrate his commitment to practical problem-solving and to building effective and meaningful relationships with those he serves.

Empowering and Engaging Citizens

To advance Robert's vision, responsible and effective planning is focused on attracting economic development inclusive of economically viable businesses, livable wages, and an economy that can sustain itself.  Robert will also encourage sole proprietor businesses for the purpose of enhancing downtown Fairfield and overall community development.  Robert's experience in municipal government and as a small business owner provides him with invaluable insight into the processes and substantive choices that face the community in the quest to seek quality development. 


Robert’s concerns include maintaining and improving our roads and other infrastructure as an investment in attracting quality development and leveraging our resources to attract the best employers to our community. Robert is committed to development choices that make sense for the long-term health of the local economy.  To create an active community where citizens are invested, and one where current and future generations can live, work, and thrive is essential to Robert's vision for a prosperous community. By harnessing the area's natural resources and other assets, this vision can become a reality.  

Responsible and Effective Planning 

Robert’s commitment to creating a better community enhances his ability to work within a larger framework to ensure a local government that protects residents and actively creates an environment where crime and blight cannot take hold.  Robert's professional experience affords him the skills necessary to view crime and other quality of life issues from multiple perspectives.  Robert is committed to listening to and learning from residents about the problems effecting them, thus giving them a voice and a sounding board.  Robert embraces the opportunity to bring people together to work collaboratively to address the challenges that face Fairfield.  


With more than 20 years in the City of Fairfield Police Department, Robert understands public safety issues and how they intersect with the operations of City government. Robert served nine years as a motor officer in the Traffic Unit, working diligently with other agencies including Cal Trans, CHP, various Solano County Departments, the Fairfield-Suisun Unified School District, and other law enforcement agencies to address and resolve critical issues that impact public safety on and off the roadways. In addition, Robert was an expert Traffic Collision Reconstructionist and DUI Officer.  These professional experiences further demonstrate Robert's ability and commitment to creating a safer community for current residents and future generations.  


Creating a Safer Community


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